Adult-Humor that does NOT rely exclusively on sexual content.

But it is a very nice feature though.

A relatable story

Y'know, one day you wake up in a sex-obsessed world which you try to save i with your penis

Multiple endings

Multiple endings and different routes to get there

Card Minigame

Because CCG games are the best thing ever


A must have for visual novel games with 112+ unlockable images of sexy content

Censored & Uncensored mode

Fully censored mode and uncensored mode so that all can enjoy!

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Choose your own path
Uncensored language vs censored language.
Mini game: The Calories Game, a small card game with loads of rewards! (CG Gallery and whole new card decks)
Can you fill your shelf by collecting all the available decks?
Learn more about the characters by choosing different routes.

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